Saturday, October 22, 2011

Diablo 3

I probably should have used my time better.  I pushed all the lore stuff.  I look forward to playing a chick that can run in heals and dual wield crossbows

Panda monk

Got my 10 mind of playtime.  The class is fun.  The race is....meh

A Noob at Blizzcon

I had originally intended to do much of this via cell phone, but in true Droid form my battery died because I tried to do more than one thing.

I admit it.  I giggled a little when we got close.  For the most part everyone looked about as I expected, like everyone I ever see inside a Game Stop.  There were a few families there which I though was pretty cool.

I have to give the logistics team serious kudos, all the lines moved with serious speed from the check in, to the contest booths to the Blizzard store.

Speaking of lines, Blizzcon is officially the only place on earth with no line for the woman's bathroom!

Most of the convention is very dark.  The lighting is designed around the many video and computer screens.  Plus I am convinced they think we all really do play in the dark in our parents basement and that the light makes us confused.

Hey 34064 I'm looking for you!  Lets win us some nvidia stuff.

Chris Metzen is just as cool up close as he is from afar.  We saw him with his little girl.  No I wasn't stalking him, was just random.  I'll be stalking him later I'm sure.

You could hear a pin drop when they started to play the Mists of Panderia movie preview.  When the new race and class were announced the building shook from the cheers.   You would have thought they offered us free play time and beta keys...oh wait they did that earlier.

Pet battles?  Really?  Worst.timesinkidea.ever.

I still find it a little unsettling to look at someone who is telling me how they are having trouble with their dps because they don't have a decent off hand.  Its just so odd.  But if I close my eyes I can pretend I'm having the conversation over vent eh?

The costume contest was very cool in person.  You could really see the work people put into it.

And lastly and most importantly.....NO MORE DEAD ZONE!!

I'm off to get ready to stand in line and play new Blizzard games!

Friday, October 21, 2011


Arrived in mostly in one piece and sitting at the main stage waiting for the opening ceremony to start