Tuesday, November 23, 2010

It is done

So the world as we know it changed when the servers went down.  I had fully intended to run around Azeroth and get some screen shots but I managed to pick up a flu bug so instead I went to sleep.

I'm more than a little sad thinking about logging into the game today.  I've been playing/testing in Azeroth since the first phase of closed beta.  Back then The Stockades was endgame content.

I developed altaholicism back in beta.  Then I called it "testing"

Why two rogues you ask?  Well because they locked down all phase one characters when they started phase two.  Bastards!  Why no hunters?  They hadn't gone live yet.

My very first warcraft hunter and her pet.  I always had a thing for the lions

But to do the old world its just tribute I leave you with these two videos.  

Good night Mrs. Mankrik, wherever you are!


  1. Those videos were great. Exactly what I needed as I lament the destruction of Azeroth.

    I can imagine myself watching those videos over again in a couple of years the way my grandparents used to watch home movies.

  2. Awesomesauce...I did not tear up no matter what anyone says.