Thursday, February 3, 2011

First time out raiding

My guild has finally started raiding. We've got a group of 25 people who've put in some time and effort into being ready for raids. Raiding now has 2 enrage timers, the boss timer and the healer timer. What this means is that as hunters we must:

1) know the mechanics of the fight
2) avoid taking damage
3) do as much DPS as possible within the mechanics of the fight and not taking damage.

What I learned from our first night of attempts on Magmaw is that I had to respec to Survival. The extra 2K dps helps the raid more than my pride at being a unique MM snowflake.

Magmaw is a huge AOE fight. Survival, even with the upcoming nerfs, is the king spec for AOE fights. Therfore Cheres sucked it up and has a spiffy SV spec.   To help defeat Magmaw's little parasite pals I dropped two points into Point of No Escape and used Glyph of Ice Trap  We also tried some pet tanking and that helped manage the parasites but we seemed to lose hunter dps on the pets.

We did not get Magmaw down but I feel comfortable enough to say it wasn't because of me.  I had eventually gotten a hang of the pillars of flame, I found a way to avoid being slapped by parasites and I became a bit more comfortable with my new spec.

This week I'll have a better handle on the fight and I'll reforge my gear to better suit a SV spec.  I'll be in Darnassus on Friday working on my rotation while moving and aspect swapping.   and I'll work on my aspect swapping.  I'm pretty sure this week I'll just bring a Sporebat  pet to top the charts.   Hopefully I'll be a much more efficient and productive member of the raid. 

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