Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Dragons Scavenger Hunt Rules

Quests must be done by the entire group. You may split up to collect items but you must all be present at both collection and turn in of your task at each checkpoint.  

You may not communicate with other groups.

You may not use a 2nd account.

All quests must be completed to progress 

Certain class abilities are banned as it is impossible to balance teams around them:
Mage Portals
Warlock Summons 
Paladin Crusader Aura
Hunter Aspect of the Pack/Cheetah 
Astral Recall or items of similar effect

Flying mounts can be used in zones that permit them.

You may use the internet to help complete quests

Hint - A pen and paper is probably a good idea to have handy and you will need some bag space, so come prepared 

Once in your groups and away, please nominate a group leader to hand in any quest items/be vocal for the group

You must turn Cartographer, Carbonite and any other guild tracking map mods off for the duration of the event.


    1. Just wanted to say quick Cheres. I may be a bit late. On a laptop right now that doesnt have WoW installed yet. I'll get on as soon as I get back home though.

    2. That was very nicely done! Everyone involved had a good time.

    3. I think I'm going to work on another but this time ask for help :) Figure something around Christmas time.

    4. Hey. If needed I have my Worgen name reserve I could use to help =)