Tuesday, August 31, 2010


"So Cheres you've beaten the Lich King, what are you going to do now?" Meh I have no idea.

Usually around this time I get xpac fever. I've done all that I really wanted to do in the game, the expansion pack is far down the line and I'm semi bored. This time there are no new games that I'm really interested in visiting and outside of EQ2 I have no real interest in the old ones.

My usual playing partner has moved on to other things.  My last real tie to most of my gaming life is gone.  I have to figure things out by myself for the first time in a very long time.

I'm in a guild of players that I genuinely like as people. I haven't had that since Dark Age of Camelot and my guild Tuatha de Danann.  Unless they all left to try something new I'd feel no need to stray to another game for the next few months.

My guildmates are going to work on the Glory of the Ulduar Raider achievement.   I'm sadly not very interested in this.  I don't like protodrakes and I don't really like Ulduar.   To me its like AQ40 minus the useless trash, its big for the sake of being big.  The fights are challenging but they're just not fun.  I am a dime a dozen dps class so I don't think anyone will notice me hiding in the rafters much when the invites go out.

Some of my guild have stared Horde characters.   I keep meaning to roll one over there but I'm having trouble picking a class and its not all exciting and new to me the way it is to most of them.  I played horde from release through this expansion, I actually have a level 80 horde hunter.   There's no real "new" feeling to it for me. But I'll wind up rolling something over there just for the social aspect.

I have started secret alts in the past, its actually how I got this hunter.  I'd roll an unguided character just so that I can play at my own pace and in my own way.  I like reading quests and I really like killing people.  Instead of running around with no guild I'm leveling a warlock primarily through battlegrounds.  It gives me the ability to play alone but still chat with everyone. 

So I guess I'll just do many little projects instead of one major project and bide my time quietly till Cataclysm.  Although if I get a beta invite that flash of light will be me heading to the test server. 

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