Tuesday, December 14, 2010


I hit level 85 yesterday and have started the gear grind. 

I am now actively stalking, camping, tracking two rare look pets for my stable.  First is Terrorpene, a lava turtle who is joyfully immune to traps and spits fire from a distance.  That should be a fun tame eh?  The other is is Sambas, a stunning and badass lion.  I don't actually need these pets, I just, hey I have the stable slots don't judge!


  1. Grats on 85!

    I need one more level on my Hunter and then I'm going to need to find someone in our Horde guild who hasn't done the quest to kill Echeyakee to help me get him again.

  2. My hunter has not done it yet. I can work on questing up to that point, shouldn't take long at 40 :)

    Also if you are interested in the black lion I can show you where Humar spawns in the barrens. He's level 23-24 so be a while till you need to worry about that.

  3. Gratz Cheres! Hamtard looks at you with pride :)