Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Third time's the charm

I've always known my guild was different.  We read quest text and warcraft novels.   I think we have a dozen Loremasters, myself included.  The lore interests us, heck we're Metzen's personal fan club.  And we like our achievements.  Oh boy do we chase them down like dogs with a bone.  We get nothing from them aside from our own sick, twisted, geeky need to have the boxes colored in. 

This past week we took our geekdom to new and exiting heights.  We are the number one guild on our server for achievement points!  What does that mean? Absofrekinlutely nothing to most of the warcraft world.  But to us it was some of the most silly fun we've had in the game and really great break and breather from the level cap/heroic gear dash.  It was also a great indicator of those who are willing to give one for the team and those who are there only for themselves.  I made mental notes if none of the other officers did.

It may not be the most important use of your game time but consider racing your other guildmates in LK heroic content.  Make it a real challenge, no tanks no healers.  Losers have to run The Oculus.

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