Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Attitude Problems

I am sorry if this ruffles any guildie feathers but I am feeling a need to express myself and justify some of my actions.  I will also be honest and up front about myself.  I tend to tease some of my younger guild mates but they know I adore them and almost never refuse their requests.  I would bend over backwards to help any of The Dragons, almost.

Recently someone within our guild made a statement towards another guild mate that brought out evil bitchy Cheres.  I took offense to the statement and felt obligated to respond.  I can be a bit, what's the word, harsh at times and despite my reputation I take no real joy in that.

What bothered me most was the elitist attitude displayed by this person. It was their nonchalant attitude about others that rubbed me all the wrong way. I know there are always outside the game issues but the problem is the fact that this persons head is a tad too large. To make things worse, this air of superiority is fueled more by association and class luck than skill.

We have all seen those elitist types who talk big but can play. They talk the talk and they walk the walk.  We have a few of them in my guild.  Hell I'm sure I'm perceived as one of them.  But while many people might be turned off by the attitude they at least have the skills to back it up.  This person is a decent player with a barley tolerable personality and is far from a must have raid member.

So where does the elitist attitude come from? They take ownership of the overall accomplishments of the team and the relative ease of the class they play and its spec. Outsiders would have no way of knowing what role this person plays or how much or little they contribute to the success of The Dragons. Being on the inside, I know exactly where this person stands and it is not nearly as high as they have fooled themselves into believing.

So why do I care? What bothers me most is how condescending this person is to their own guild mates. If this person is that forward in guild chat what are they like in tells or with pugs? What types of abuses has this person perpetrated outside of guild chat because they felt entitled and superior? The more I thought about it the more it aggravated me.

I may be an officer but I hold no real position of influence over this person. Nothing I say or do will have any major effect on that person. When I spoke up, it was because I wanted that person to realize that at least one person in the world recognized what was happening.

Sometimes in life we all need a cold splash of reality to wake us up. During this particular incident I felt an immediate reaction to hand out the attitude adjustment. It may not have been my place, but sometimes you just have to step up and say something.

If you are an asshat, I am going to call you and asshat. If you are not as good as you think you are and you are treating others like they are below you, I will call you on that too.  No one messes with my guild mates, not even my guild mates.

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