Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Avoidable Damage:Its more than just fire

I've had about a week or so of wicked long heroic dungeons on my priest and I'll be honest its starting to affect my confidence as a healer. 

The DPS classes have to do more in this xpac to make the encounters successful, they have to be aware of what's going on.  They have to avoid taking damage.  If the heroics fail its really our fault, not the healer, not the tank.  So what should we be doing?

Don't Stand In The Fire.

Okay, I'm done.

You think so eh?

Is this your sole definition of avoidable damage?  Yes is a recurring joke but sadly many players in the game seem to think that if they do not stand in the fire/void zone/freezing circle that they are doing all they can possibly do to avoiding damage. 

Its more than just moving out of fire.  There are other forms of avoidable damage that people seem to think does not apply to them.

Don't stand in the fire.
This should go without being said.  It is the cardinal rule of avoidable damage. If it is under you and it is doing damage move.

Avoiding Damage > Mechanics
I'm looking at you Altarius.  Being upwind, good thing.  Taking 100k damage to get upwind, not a good thing.  Sometimes lower DPS is okay.  A dead mob > damage meter epeen waggle.

Aggro is not your friend.
Pulling aggro from the tank is avoidable damage.  Get Omen and actually use it.  As ranged dps I won't pull aggro from a tank until I'm up over 130% of their threat.  I  have omen set to a100-110% warning, depending on my experience with the tank, to keep me honest.   If you have an aggro dump, use it BEFORE you pull aggro. 

Move before the fire is under your feet.
There are many things you can see coming such as the spikes from Earthrager Ptah and the fire spout from the Flame Warden in Halls of Origination.  If you can see the damage coming before it gets to you there is no excuse for waiting until its under your feet to move. 

Avoid Debuffs
Not all damage is, well, damage.  Forgemaster Throngus in Grim Batol has a casting speed debuff,  Asaad in Vortex Pinnacle has a root, the Crystalspawn Giant casts Quake.  Pay attention to those things and avoid them by jumping or simply moving.

Move, Move, Move

Sometimes you just need to run.  During the Dragha encounter in Grim Batol, if an elemental fixates on you run away. Its gets no easier to avoid damage.  Do not try to get in one more shot, just move.

Encounter Mechanics
Just knowing what to expect is often enough to avoid damage.  If you have never done a boss and don't want to admit it then fake a bio break and open a browser and take a quick look.  Its not the same as practical experience but at least you'll have a good idea of what is about to be thrown at you.
Preventing avoidable damage in your raidtime.

Anything that can be interrupted is damage not taken.

Something stunned can not do damage.  It is very easy to avoid damage when something isn't doing damage.

Slowing down one of the mobs heading for the healer is a good thing.  Buying the tank 10 seconds to grab aggro is a good thing.

Crowd Control
I said something wise...I should repeat it because it was wise.  It is very easy to avoid damage when something isn't doing damage.

The biggest difference between good runs and bad runs is people avoiding, or not avoiding, the avoidable damage.  I can tell you from my recent experiences healing that people that do not avoid damage make a healers life a living hell and basically doom a run to failure.   So please, don't stand in the fire & stuff.  Especially the stuff.

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