Thursday, March 22, 2012

Now with less deadzone

I haven't much felt like blogging through Cataclysm.  I liked the expansion but I just didn't feel much up to dissecting it.  But now I have me a shiny new beta invitation and I'm checking out Mists of Pandaria.

I've only managed to sneak in and take a few screenshots so far thanks to my inability to feign sick well enough to call into work.

First thing I noticed was my back.  I have one!  There's no giant weapon strapped to my back or my side weighing me down with all that lovely agility.  Whatever will I do when I can't make a case to use every weapon that drops?!

 Then I did something silly and fun.  I ran to the nearest target dummy and...

Look Ma, no deadzone

 What a nice feeling after all these years.  Almost as exciting as "Look Ma, no mana"

Just a few other things for now:

One button for all the traps.  Nice upgrade for those that like to click.

Widow Venom for all!

Kill shot now behaves as if it was glyphed.  Mostly. 

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