Friday, July 16, 2010

Beta Hunter Talents - Yawn

Well I've looked and I've peeked and I've whined that I'm still not in beta to test.  So I guess its time to chime in on the new talent system.  I'm not very inspired but its early in beta yet.

First the fun news...all Hunters will get Scatter Shot That's a nice little perk. Thanks Blizz.

So the thing that hit me smack in the face was that we've lost Mortal Shots and Lethal Shots.  Almost every spec setup in the game now takes at least Mortal Shots most take both.  This deserves a little QQ.  These are talents we've had forever, we've been crit machines since way back when we were /autoshot /afk..  Since I can't shoot at a target dummy I have no idea how this affects our DPS.

Okay so at level 10 you pick a tree and you are stuck in this tree till you hit the bottom talent.  Not a huge deal now that they ripped MS and LS.  The other trees won't be bouncing into MM and then back again.

First off each tree gets its own special ability. Fancy stuff.

A master archer or sharpshooter who excels in bringing down enemies from afar.
Aimed Shot

A rugged tracker who favors using animal venom, explosives and traps as deadly weapons.
Explosive Shot

Beast Mastery
A master of the wild who can tame a wide variety of beasts to assist him/her in combat.

In the land of PvE BM loses the most with MM coming in second in the land of Meh.  I can hear you now..."But Cheres why do you Meh over Aimed Shot?!? It is a powerful PewPew!!  The peoples they will cry for your nerf!"  Yes it hits very hard but its a 2 second cast time with a cost of 50 focus. The defining ability of the MM tree is Chimera shot which also has a cost of 50 focus.  There's just no way Aimed Shot will make it into the rotation of a MM hunter.  It will get used more when you hit the bottom of the tree and can proc a free shot.

I'm a Marks hunter, it is my blog and really it is all about me so lets peek at that talent tree and see its ups and downs.

Go for the throat.  It procs on auto shot crits not just any ranged critis.  But losing MS and LS this may very well be a waste of time.  Maybe just a typo on the tooltip?  Since I'm not in beta I can't test this out.  See a theme?

Careful Aim Only works on targets above 90% health?  Really?  Why?

Concussive Barrage / Dazzled Prey  Combo.  A One/Two punch of WTF I can't use this in PvE.

Resistance is Futile  Nifty for PvP and for some PvE solo work but last I checks raid bosses don't run away.

Those talents are a huge amount of bloat in the tree.  Need to take some of these raid useless talents to get down to the bottom.  Why not let us keep something like Piercing Shots to use up some talent points?

So this is what I've come up with for a Marks spec it doesn't suck but I hate the wasted talent point burn.

I hope that Blizzard has given themselves enough time to rethink some of these talents and change them.  Or at least I hope that they send out my beta invite so I can get in there to test this stuff for myself.  Time to check the email again!

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