Tuesday, July 6, 2010

It's not about teh sword

Gevlon, of the Greedy Goblin formed a guild on the EU servers called Undergeared.  He had a theory that skill is far more important gear.  He formed the guild with the thought that they'd blow through raid content in only blues, no epic enchants or gems and no vent (wtf no one call TELL me I'm in the fire?!?)

The goal of the Undergeared project was to prove:

  • "I don't have gear" is a lie, the normal content needs no gear (beyond readily available to any lvl 80).
  • "I have RL, I can't farm like Ensidia" is a lie since no farming is needed.
  • "I was unlucky with void zone" is a lie. While luck chooses who get void zone, but staying in one is not matter of luck.
  • "I have no time to raid 5 days a week" is no excuse for being useless. We play 1 day a week.

He's recently done an interview with Frostheim of WHU and its good reading for anyone who runs a raid.  Undergeared is at 8/12 in ICC which is just plain nutty for a 10 man raid in blues. It's even more nuts if you consider they only raid one day a week.  It makes you think about downgrading some gear and having a shot and seeing where your skills stand.

Undergeared vs. Blood Princes

Man that is a smooth and jiggly free hunter encounter with no outside UF mod at all. 


Undergeared saves Valithria 


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