Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Pets, its a hunter thing, you wouldn't understand

I'm not in beta and this gives me great pain.  But the information is out there from people who are and today I'm just going to put it up for people to see.  I'm just not quite there yet in my grasp on the hunter talent changes so instead its petspetspets. 

The model shots come from MMO Champion.  I'm only using one color per new class because otherwise its too big. 

Spikey Crabs

These guys are kinda badass looking no?  Still tenacity pets


I want one just to have it but unless I'm doing a remake of Hound of the Baskervilles then it will just be a stable pet.  Its considered part of the wolf family which makes sense because it makes no sense at all.


Very cute and fluffy.  So not the tough companion needed on the long hard road to defeating Deathwing.  But very very cute.  Also part of the wolf family.


Yes that's right I said monkey.  Part of the gorilla family, which is now I guess the primate family.

Here's a little video from Frostheim of WHU showing you his new monkey pet

Now the big change is that at level 1 all hunters start with pet.  Here's a basic guide on baby hunter pets done by BRK.  If you haven't seen a BRK video before or read his stuff then, um, yay he's nuts. But he really knows his stuff.  This covers the abilities of the baby pets as well as the starter pet types for Dwarves, Tauren, Undead, Human

Video 2 of the baby pets.  Covers pet trainng at 10, the new pet movement, focus issues, the Worgen dance and pets for Draenei, Blood Elves,Worgen

Video 3 of the baby pets.  Covers goblins and their starting area as well as pets for Orcs, Night Elves, Trolls and Golbins plus a huge spoiler for the Goblin starting area.

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