Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Hunter Starter Pets

In Cataclysm every hunter will have a pet starting at level 1.  From what I've read right now the hunter pet is in perma defensive mode, you won't have any "control" over a pet until level 10 when you tame one of your very own.  The pets are race specific.

Alliance Level 1 Hunter Pets

  • Dwarf:  Bear
  • Night Elf:  Nightsaber
  • Draenei:  Moth
  • Human:  Wolf
  • Worgen:  Mastiff 
Someone better let me tame a Mastiff or things will get highly ugly.

Horde Level 1 Hunter Pets

  • Orc:  Boar
  • Troll:  Raptor
  • Tauren:  Plainstrider
  • Blood Elves: Dragonhawk
  • Forsaken:  Bat
  • Goblin:  Crab


  1. Cheres. The Mastiffs are tameable in WPL last i checked. I am going to check later on though. If needed that is.

  2. Yeah might as well check. Then update your blog Mr I'm in Beta