Monday, October 11, 2010

4.0.1 Incoming

Hopefully not tomorrow because

What's my spec going to be.  No friggin idea for sure.  I know its MM but I'm really having a hard time settling on anything specific.  The target dummies are always at high health so getting a truly accurate test of DPS is only going to happen in a real raid situation.

BTW anyone wanting to go BM or SV for raiding, don't. Cobra Shot is not going to be in the game and your DPS will take a hit.  

I know and am prepared for a massive drop in my DPS.  Every reputable Hunter blog is mentioning this.  My ego will get over it eventually, I've played the class when we were lolhunterdps.  Its just sad that they felt it was important to hit us with the nerfbat to the tune of 1k dps when the other classes are seeing increases.  I'm sure it will be adjusted by the time I'm raiding in the xpac. 

No mana yay!  But I'm still very meh about the learning curve with focus.  I am bad and did not spend nearly enough time on the PTR and my raids will suffer as I try to figure out what goes where and when.  I'll just find a way to blame the rogues.

No more Ammo!  FRIGGIN YAY!  To prepare for this I've stopped getting arrows. With no more ammo means no more quiver!  YAY!  I await with much excitement my shiny new 24 slot bag. 

Pretty big gear change in store, no more intel, no more AP and no more ArP.  I will be sporting a metric butt ton of haste since I have a butt ton of ArP and a higher crit rating.  Gems change too.  ArP gems will turn into crit rating gems and so I'll be way over crit cap when raid buffed.   Reforging is coming so I'll be able to adjust some of my gear as well.  I really should have started reworking this a while ago so now and I'll pay the price when I'm crying in my DPS spreadsheet. 

I've tamed a raptor and I'll level him to 80 but otherwise I'm done with pets till the new stables arrive. 

I really hope the patch isn't tomorrow.

Oh I found something funny so I'll wrap this posting up with a totally not related picture.


  1. "The target dummies are always at high health"

    There are dummies in the Argent Tournament Grounds that can be quickly dropped to 1 health for practicing using execute-phase abilities/priorities.

    No dummy ever provides a "truly accurate test of DPS" due to lacking full raid buffs, debuffs, etc.

  2. Oohh I didn't think of the argent tourney dummies!