Saturday, October 9, 2010

Pets and Raids

I've managed to get quite dizzy thinking about all the pets and the raid buffs they bring.  I think I may wind up spending the first week of the new patch taming and leveling a ton of pets.

Here's the short list I'm looking at:

  • Cat Str/Agil - Have
  • Wolf 5% Crit  - Have
  • Bear - Debuffs physical damage caused
  • Raptor - Debuffs armor
  • Hyena - Increased bleed damage taken
  • Sporebat - Cast speed reduction
  • Tallstrider - Attack speed slow
  • Ravager - Physical damage vulnerability
  • Dragonhawk - Spell damage taken
I have 1 free slot and 1 yet to be purchased stable slot left.  Not sure its worth it to spend the money to buy that last one or just wait.  

In the meantime I guess I will take some time and pick out pets and think of their names.  I mean that's just as important as anything else in 4.0.1 no?

1 comment:

  1. This feature makes hunters so valuable to raids. They are like a wild card when figuring out raid buffs.

    No warrior to apply Sunder Armor? Bring out the raptor.

    No druid to boost bleeds? Here's a hyena.

    and so on.

    I really like it. Of course, that means you have to manage a whole lotta pets.