Sunday, October 17, 2010

Emo Hunter is Emo

I started out this new patch very excited.  I ran around taming, naming and leveling new pets.  I took the pug ride on random dungeons and thought, hey this focus thing is sorta neat.  I even did some of 25 man ToC and I was very happy to see that I could manage my focus bar very well.  Oh it was going so well.  And then it happened.

ICC 25, or the land where hunter dps goes to die.  Some of it is my fault, I just cannot get past this priority shot mental block.  I also seem to have lost the ability to notice when Serpent Sting is about to run out.  But even more than that is the damage nerf to the class.  I'd heard about it and I thought everyone was just over reacting.  But damn.  I cannot break 7k DPS and (no offense to my mage friends and loved ones) casters are face rolling their way to 15k. 

The rational side of my brain knows that this will be adjusted.  It knows that the damage meters aren't everything.  It knows that I still have much to relearn about the class.  But damn I wasn't even in the top 10. 

Nothing to do but suck it up, retrain my brain on a priority list and wait for the changes.    I guess I'll head out and listen to the Smiths while I shoot at a target dummy.

Meh.  Wah.  Meh


  1. Ha its good to see you've changed your tune. My guild was still working on LK H 25 and getting nerfed after a year of work... it just sucks so hard.

    I wouldn't mind AS much if it was just a nerf compared to an ArP stacking hunter. But we are now straight up not raid viable. And unlike other classes whose nerf has been recognised and targetted with hotfixes, I fear we are just going to be left like this for the next 6 weeks.

    There is now nothing left to do... they've turned live into a test environment and now I can't raid...

  2. Great, google at my response :(

    In a nutshell, sucks that they did this when you guys were working on something that big. I don't see us being really fixed till 85. Its just the way it seems to happen in this game, we're the goofy class of Chinese gold farmers so its okay to take their time.

  3. I feel your pain as Shadowpriest tend to get the same we will fix you when we fix you treatment when things are bad.

    Though I don't have a high level hunter I have always liked seeing hunters at or near the top of the dps/damage meters. Mages...not so much :P