Wednesday, June 9, 2010


The rest of my guild seems to have blogged on this by now, so I suppose its my turn to chime in on the matter.  Sunday night our 10 "man" team beat Sindragosa.  That's me on the left.

I was on a guild that had the server first kill of Nefarian and when that dragon fell I remember thinking how much fun that fight had been.  I didn't get that feeling with this fight, but I may as time goes on.  Now that she's dead I can work more on improving my performance and my focus.

Here's the fight from the perspective of 40 yards away.

Phase 1 - Ground Phase.  Mostly tank and spank.  I try to play chicken with my stacks of Permeating Chill and got up to about 5 before I got nervous and stopped to let it fall off.    Icy grip turns out to be a big nothing now, I disengage and throw up aspect of the daze and run away.

Phase 2 - Air Phase.  Also known as #@%^@# I forgot to refresh serpent sting and she's in the air.  Oh look at all that wasted dps.  Lack of focus on my part 100%.  Tip for other hunters, when she flies pull back your pet.  Nothing bad happens it just despawns.  Meh annoying. 

Once you get the hang of Ice Tombs you can shoot at the far tomb while behind yours.  I wouldn't risk a raid by being too aggressive on this, its just something to think of in case the other side needs a bit more dps.  If you get marked for a Tomb, toss up Viper you can regen mana while doing your impression of a huntersicle.

Phase 3 - Basically Phase 1 and 2 combined and on Meth.  As a hunter I am used to standing behind everyone, even the other ranged classes.  Its just habit based on wacky boss hit box sizes and dead zones.   The problem is that it left me with no time to react if I was marked for a Tomb.  I risked freezing the raid running to the designated Tomb spot.   Going forward I will have to figure out better way of handling that. 

So the ever important question?  What did she drop?  Did she drop phat hunter lewts.  Well sort of.  Wyrmwing Treds did drop but I just picked up the crafted 264 boots the week before.  So she dropped Enh Shammy gear instead :)


  1. Congrats on the kill as i said to everyone else =) Next time I hope i can get in and get some phat pally lewtz. =P Also. Zomg sombody posted a comment