Friday, June 4, 2010

My name is Cheres and I play a...

hunter? Really? How very strange for me.

I've had a character named Cheres in almost every MMO I've played for the past oh so many years. The first Cheres was born in Dark Age of Camelot a celtic druid chick. I loved that druid, I loved PvP'g with her. Its my blog I can toot my own horn, I was a pretty amazing PvP healer. I had alts but my main and my love was that druid. Admit it, she's sexy.

When I started up in Warcraft I thought that I'd stretch my wings some and try other classes. But when the game went live I rolled an undead priest. I loved her, she was so boney and creepy and cool. Eventually I rolled a night elf priest to play with some friends on the alliance side. Nelf Cheres was nowhere as cool looking as undead Cheres, but she could flip!

I had some side trips into different games. In EQ2 Cheres was a Wood Elf Fury. In Warhammer she was a High Elf Archmage. In Age of Conan she was a Stygian Tempest of Set. Also highly sexy no?

So when I came back to Warcraft for WOTLK it was obvious what class I would be playing. I decided it was time to really push myself out of my usual comfort zone. I transferred over to Sen'Jin and logged in Cheres for the first time as a hunter.

I never left my healer self very far behind. My alt is a Nelf priest and I love to PvP with her just as I did way back in the days of Camelot.

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