Wednesday, June 2, 2010

A Hunter's place in the Warcraft world

So you saw the pretty bows and the fierce pets and the DPS meter and you said to yourself "Self, I'm rollin' me a hunter!"

That's great! I love the class myself. But many new hunters develop bad habits and honestly you give the rest of us a bad name. You know what that name is, it starts with an H and ends with a D. Knowing your role will prevent people from using the word and kicking you out of the group or raid.

First and Foremost

If you are dead you cannot DPS. Realize right now that it is your job to stay alive not the healer's job to keep you alive.
  • If the color of the floor under your feet changes then move. Move now.
  • If the boss puts a strange debuff on you then move away from others.
  • Try to be 10 yards away from everyone as a general rule.
  • Do not yell at the healers if your health is low. They know and they are busy.
Heal pots, bring them. Lock rocks, suck up for them. Get Deadly Boss Mods.

I Don't Read, I Point And Shoot

You do now. Your pet may be holding your dps back. You might have a point in a wasted talent. Your gems may be totally wrong. You might be wearing gear with spell power on it. I've got a list of some of the better hunter resources in the links section.

Managing Threat

There's a really great article on threat and aggro that you should take the time to read.

Bad hunters think Feign Death gives them a license to shoot up the joint. Its not, its a tool to help you manage your threat in a fight. Use it BEFORE you pull aggro to dump your threat. Using it after you pull aggro means that the next guy on the list gets the boss. That may not be the tank, it could be that nice tree next to you.

If you do pull aggro, check Omen. If the person just below you on the list is the tank, go nuts and feign death. If its not then run like the wind to the tank and let him pick it back up from you. If you die well honestly its your own damn fault.

Fun With Misdirection

This does not give you license to pull. Ever. Ever. Yeah some tanks are slow or not so bright. Suck it up Sunshine. You pull when asked. Otherwise use MD to manage your threat and to get revenge on rogues.

I Heart My Pet

Turn off growl. Discussion over.

Put your pet on passive. There is no good reason for it to be on anything else. Key bind pet attack and pet follow and controlling your pet becomes so very simple.

Never, ever, no never let your pet chase a humanoid running in fear. You will be shocked at the size of Fluffy's aggro range.

ZOMG Hunter Gear!

Yeah I know everything can be hunter gear.  Don't be a jerk when rolling on gear.

Damage Meters and Your E-Peen

I use a damage meter. I use it to compare me Okay sometimes I use it to compare me to my friend's rogue. I'll get into detail how useful a tool the meter can be another day. But if you post it in raid/group/guild chat then I will have no choice but to assume you have really tiny man parts. You are obviously posting it to compensate for this fact. I am not impressed by you, I feel sorry for you. Everyone else feels the same way.


  1. Hey Cheres. Wanted to post on here cause i can. So yeah. Cool blog so far =) Your on the blogroll thing on mine now.

  2. Now, why would you need to "get revenge on rogues?" That just seems mean.

    Other than that, great post!